About TLD

The Teaching & Learning Division (TLD) was set up to provide academic support to SIMPL’s operations. It encompasses the functions of educational development & innovation, lecturer management, learning developme nt and research.
The TLD Division achieves its aims through teams which include: Lecturer Management , Educational Develo pment & Innovation, Learning Development, Academic Development and Research .

Lecturer Management (LM) Department

The role of the LM Department includes:

  • Supporting Associate Lecturer recruitment, development and retention processes

Educational Development and Innovation (EDI) Department

The role of the EDI Department includes:

  • Overseeing SIM GE’s learning management system.
  • Overseeing SIM GE’s video productions.
  • Overseeing SIM GE’s studio and the development of new teaching facilities.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of e-commerce and other digital teaching and learning tools.
  • Training SIM GE’s lecturers on the use of digital teaching tools.
  • Evaluating and sourcing new electronic teaching aids suitable for teaching and learning in SIM GE.
  • Overseeing the implementation of digital tools for enhancement of students’ career potential as well as for training of staff.
  • Evaluating the suitability of system architectures to support the various digital tools for teaching and learning in SIM GE.

Learning Development (LD) Department

The LD Department is responsible for:

  • Identifying/ developing self-service on-line learning resources for students – e.g. study skills
  • Identifying/ developing academic/ supplementary workshops
  • Developing English language enrichment programme
  • Developing student peer support programme
  • Establishing “Study & Learning Centre” – drop-in assistance for students
  • Stepping up student engagement
  • Supporting learning beyond the classroom

Academic Development (AD) Department

The role of Academic Development(AD) Department includes:

  • Strengthening and development of the Academic Community in SIM.
  • providing pedagogical support and developing instructional leadership among lecturers,
  • Leverage on sound research to enhance student learning through evidence-based teaching practices.

Research Department

The Research Department is responsible for:

  • Administrating graduate employment surveys for SIMPL’s full-time Bachelor programmes
  • Administrating employer surv ey
  • Conducting statistical studies

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