Cultivating technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) through problem-based learning


Training lecturers solely on how to use a specific technology is unlikely to improve the teaching and learning practice (So & Kim, 2009). We have to teach our lecturers how to fish by teaching them how to select, apply and configure tools and artifacts — digital and otherwise — based on their practice, their learners, their contexts and the nature of their subjects. By doing so, lecturers can become both designers or purposeful designers of technology to aid students’ learning.

Mishra and Koehler’s (2006) technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) is represented by three intersecting circles. At the intersection where the transactional relationship between content, pedagogy, and technology comes together. Good teaching with technology requires a nuanced understanding of how a combination of certain technologies and pedagogies can make learning of a particular content area more meaningful.






Mishra, P. & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological pedagogical content knowledge: A framework for teacher knowledge. Teachers College Record, 108(6), 1017-1054.

So, H.-J. & Kim, B. (2009). Learning about problem based learning: Student teachers integrating technology, pedagogy and content knowledge. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 25(1), 101-116.



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