Developing University Teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) through a reflective teaching model

In this study, a set of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) workshops were offered to novice teachers with diverse contents of themes. The reflective model of college teaching was designed by the researchers and comprised several steps as follows:

  1. Initial instruction

    Through the first workshop, researchers illustrate and discuss with the teachers who participate in this study. In addition, researchers introduce the related theories of PCK and the research tools in this study.

  2. Teaching recording and observation

    Researchers discuss the time and date of the teaching recording with the case teachers in advance. Then the assistants go to the class and record about one to two courses. After recording in the class, the video is transferred to DVD. This can provide the case teachers with an opportunity to observe and reflect on their teaching.

  3. Midterm assessment

    Researchers use the questionnaires to survey students’ perceptions of the
    teacher’s PCK and then analyze the results of the questionnaires. To realize the students’ perceptions through the results of pre-test for teacher’s PCK, researchers discuss how to promote teachers’ teaching with the case teachers.

  4. Final assessment

    Researchers apply the questionnaires again as the post-test to investigate the difference of the teacher’s PCK after the teaching reflection. A third workshop is held in order to illustrate the analysis of the questionnaires among the pre-test and post-test and discuss students’ perceptions of the teacher’s PCK.

  5. Interviewing & teaching revising, and the center part

    Researchers interview with the case teachers and discuss the results
    based on the video, pre-test, and post-test.

  6. Teaching Reflection (which continuously proceeded during the above stages)

    Finally, researchers would ask for the teacher’s teaching reflection after watching the DVD, and then brainstorm with each other to
    provide the case teachers with some suggestions to achieve better teaching.

The developed model provides a way to enhance university teachers’ PCK and also serves as useful reference for other pedagogical goals. Future studies can focus on how to convert subject skills and discuss about methods.

Read more by logging in your SIM elibrary account: Developing University Teachers’ PCK through a Reflective Teaching Model and Students’ Perceptions on Teaching Chapter 3


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