When considering multimedia for your course, focus on 2 Ws: Why and What

Why am I including multimedia in my course?

1. Student engagement

Students with high engagement show increased interest and enthusiasm for a course as it impacts retention, learning, and satisfaction. Multimedia content allows instructors to facilitate active learning, personalise student-faculty connections, and enrich learning experiences.  Instructors can also personalise their content by incorporating self-recorded lectures to provide a conversational tone so that  both learning and student engagement are enhanced.

2. Pedagogy comes first

When we let technical questions preempt pedagogical ones, we are left with dazzling multimedia applications that lack a grounding in course learning outcomes. As multimedia helps us to address the learning expectations of millennials, we often fail to evaluate the extent to which targeted use of multimedia can motivate students’ enthusiastic participation in our courses.

What type of multimedia should I include to create a meaningful learning experience?

Types of multimedia

  1. Short self-recorded videos
  2. Brief audio clips
  3. Interactive tutorial with narrated PowerPoint like a courseware
Read more: Teaching with Technology: A More Meaningful Learning Experience Starts with Two Simple Questions



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